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  • EPC 2€
    EPC — average earnings per 100 clicks
  • CR 0.26%
    Conversion rate – the percentage of visits to a publisher’s website that convert to a sale or lead.
  • CR for 48 hours 0.00%
    Average actions-to-clicks ratio for the last 48 hours.
  • Approval rate 78%
    The ratio of confirmed actions to the total number of actions.
  • Cookie lifetime 30 days
    During this period an advertiser allows his cookie to remain active to tie consumer to a program.
  • Avg. hold time 40 days
    Average time it takes for an advertiser to confirm or reject actions.
  • Average payment time 72 days
    Average time it takes for an advertiser to confirm and pay for actions.

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In order to start cooperation with the program, first you need to register in the system.

Glasses24 - the online optician for glasses from exclusive & well-known brands is one of the leading online opticians in German-speaking countries. Single vision glasses are available from 39.90 euros and varifocals from 139.90 euros. offers over 1,500 different glasses models made of metal, titanium and plastic almost worldwide. The German online shop based in Oldenburg was founded in 2007 and has had numerous satisfied customers since then. The shop offers Europe-wide shipping of various branded glasses and also sends your own brand worldwide. attaches great importance to the quality and variety of its products. The models appeal to both men and women and are suitable for every age group. Sports glasses, self-tinting glasses, contact lenses and accessories complete the extensive range and leave nothing to be desired by the customer.


In the online shop, you can choose up to four glasses from over 250 models in the Brille24 Collection and send them to your home for a home try-on free of charge. Guarantee services such as the comprehensive money-back guarantee ensure satisfied customers.


As a publisher, benefit from a wide variety of top offers and advertising material and become a partner in the partner program! For every valid sale brokered, you will receive attractive remuneration!

5% voucher partner and for sales with voucher redemption
8% cashback / bonus / fundraising partner
10% standard
Lead campaigns

Appointment booking optician: 50 €
Try on glasses at home: € 10
Individual action and commission agreements are possible.


Your advantages at a glance: is one of the market leaders in the field of online optics, hence a high level of awareness
High conversion rate & low cancellation rates
30-day cookie runtime
Regular & attractive promotions


In order to be connected to the program you are required to have a working website with good performance and a decent amount of traffic, or a proven community on social media. Otherwise, the application will be declined.

 If you were declined but think you are eligible to work with the program and can showcase your business model, please drop us an email at so that we can discuss it further. partner program - publisher terms and conditions

The following agreement shows the conditions that must be observed when participating in the partner program.

§1 services of Brille24 GmbH (hereinafter referred to as

(1) The publisher must have his or her home. Have their place of business in the DACH region.

(2) A selection of graphic advertising materials, text advertising materials, links, etc. from is made available to the publisher at any time and can be revoked. These may only be used in the context of affiliate marketing measures under the conditions of participation listed here.

(3) will pay the publisher a commission for each glasses model, contact lenses and care products that were sold via the displayed advertising material, based on the commission rate set in advance. The points under §5 must be taken into account.

§2 Who can participate in the affiliate program?

(1) Partners who are of legal age, have full legal capacity and operate their own website or online marketing activities can apply for the partner program as a publisher. The application will be checked by or the agency representing it.

(2) Operators of paid mail systems cannot participate in the partner program.

(3) Operators who place SEA advertisements can conditionally participate in the partner program. The placement of advertisements in search engines is permitted with restrictions. For trademark protection reasons, it is prohibited to book the name Brille24 and its misspellings as a search term in the SEA area (e.g. Google AdWords or Yahoo! Search Marketing). The placement of advertisements that show the addresses of as a visible URL (display URL) is also not permitted. The use of the term “Brille24” is also prohibited in the advertisement title or text and direct forwarding to is not permitted. When visiting via SEA ads, it is guaranteed that these are not played out in search queries about Brille24 or misspellings. The terms Brille24 and misspellings are to be included in the campaign as negative keywords.

(4) reserves the right to reject registrations if the publisher's content does not correspond to the target pursuit of

(5) reserves the right to remove partners from the program if, for example, they are inactive or other reasons speak against the continuation of the cooperation.

§3 Services of the Publisher

(1) Every publisher in the partner program must have a complete imprint on its website in accordance with the Telemedia Act. This includes the publisher at least the first and last name of the site operator, the full address and his active email address and / or telephone number. Post box addresses alone are not enough to participate in the partner program of

(2) The placement of advertising material and the integration of links are only permitted on the domain of your website that has been specified and discussed in advance. If there are any changes in this regard, publishers are obliged to notify or the agency representing them one month in advance. This also applies in the event of a change in the content or the commercial subject of your website.

(3) Publishers are solely responsible for setting up, operating and maintaining their website and the advertising material made available. This applies in particular to the technical operation of your website.

(4) Setting up websites in a similar way to the online presence of, so that there is a risk of confusion or the impression is given that the publisher website is part of the website, Is not allowed. In addition, it is prohibited to use materials from that were obtained without permission.

(5) The partner is not authorized to make legally binding declarations to third parties for the participating network or for or to give the impression that it is authorized to do so.

(6) If the partner uses the product feed, the following also applies:
The partner must ensure that the legal texts are also output / displayed on his / her side. Use of the product data without legal texts is not permitted.

(7) In addition, publishers guarantee the purity of their website in the form of pornography, depictions of violence of any kind, insults, discrimination, extremist, radical political and youth-endangering content. Linking to websites with content of this kind is also not permitted.

(8) In addition, the following obligations of the partner apply:
The partner is prohibited from advertising by telephone, regardless of whether the customer has given their consent or not, advertising by fax, regardless of whether the customer has given consent or not, advertising by e-mail (single opt in) . Doing door-to-door sales within the meaning of § 312 BGB are also prohibited, as is the establishment of so-called banner farms, click spamming or DDoS attacks.

§4 Integration of advertising material and other requirements for advertising space and advertising activities

(1) All redirects to the website must be made by clicking on one of the advertising materials offered. Automatic and misleading redirects are not permitted. This also applies to the setting of cookies without the active click of a user on the displayed advertising material.

(2) The publisher is prohibited from advertising in emails without prior consultation. Only email recipients who have been confirmed by a double opt-in procedure may be written to. The sender list must be compared with the blacklist from in advance. The partner may not set up the sender address and the content of his e-mails in such a way that the recipient has the impression that the sender is

(3) The misspelling of the name Brille24 or the domain is not permitted. The publisher is solely liable for the incorrect spelling of the name Brille24 or

(4) The name and possible misspellings may not be used in the URL.

(5) Vouchers can be used if they have been previously communicated to the publishers through newsletters or personal contact. Vouchers that are not intended for use in affiliate marketing are excluded from application. Please note: Publishers should only use valid or active voucher codes. cannot reimburse orders that are generated using voucher codes that are not permitted and will therefore be canceled.

(6) Wherever there is a product price (e.g. 39.90 EUR *, 34.90 EUR *, 149.90 EUR * etc.), an asterisk and the corresponding "asterisk text" must be inserted. If the "money-back guarantee **" or phrases referring to the right of return are advertised, two asterisks must be added. These are resolved as follows:

*) Including any import duties, plus EUR 5.00 shipping.
**) As part of the money-back guarantee, we will reimburse the full amount minus shipping costs and a service fee for single vision glasses of EUR 9.00; for varifocals 15.00 EUR. Vouchers are not refundable. The declaration of the exercise of the guarantee must be received by us within 30 days of the date on which the glasses were dispatched.

(7) In addition, the publisher must place an "ab" in front of each price. Only "from" prices may be communicated.

In general, the publisher is obliged to adhere to the communicated terms and conditions.

§5 cookies and remuneration

(1) It is only permitted to set a cookie if a visible advertising material is used. In addition, a conscious click by the user must precede.

(2) Publishers are prohibited from using layer advertising, iFrames, pop-ups and pop-unders, as well as forced clicks (click-forced principle), which load the shop or an advertising material and thus cause the cookie to be unconsciously set contribute to the user.

(3) Only sales that have a justified origin and result from a regular marketing measure on your website can be remunerated. Exceptions are sales that are returned. There is no remuneration for this.

(4) Postviewtracking is strictly prohibited unless there is an express written consent from The term of the cookies is then regulated in the consent.

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Traffic Sources

PopUp / ClickUnder Forbidden
Mobile traffic Forbidden
Content site Forbidden
Other Forbidden
Affiliate stores and price comparison services Forbidden
Forums Forbidden
Loyalty programs Allowed
Messengers Allowed
Coupon services Forbidden
Lead call Forbidden
API traffic Needs approval
YouTube Channel Forbidden
Adult Forbidden
Toolbar Needs approval
Incentive Forbidden
Groups and blogs on social Media Forbidden
Brand bidding Forbidden
Email Marketing Allowed
Banner and teaser advertising Needs approval
Cashback Allowed
SEM Forbidden

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