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  • EPC 2€
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  • CR 1.05%
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  • Approval rate 99%
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  • Avg. hold time 16 days
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  • Average payment time 21 day
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The best in beer, from the greatest breweries - delivered to your door.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re obviously into beer as much as we are. Cheers to that. And if that’s the case, we don’t need to tell you that beer is booming. We’re spoilt for choice across craft and speciality beers sold in packs, kegs and even draught at home. On this website you can find detailed and interesting stories about every beer and brewery.

The only trouble is knowing what’s out there, what’s good, and how you go about getting it from the brewery to your front door. Which is where Beerwulf comes in!

But we’re as much about the brewers as we are about the beer - after all, where would we be without them? We passionately share stories from brewers around the world, and take pride in connecting those who like drinking beer with those that love brewing it. So whether you’re pushing your palate with one of our packs, tapping into the perfect pour from The SUB or getting to know the brewer behind your favourite beer - we’re happy to have you as one of the Beerwulf pack.

All this reading got you thirsty and ready to join our program? 

As an affiliate you have the opportunity to join us on our amazing growth journey. Start promoting us and get up to 11.4% commission on the SUB and all Packs!

Please note: from 2021 onwards, we will solely be offering product solutions of beer packs, cases, and kegs. As of today, we are no longer selling loose bottles and cans.

*Please note that all 2L SUB Kegs ("Torps" Group category) are always excluded from commission and cashback. The Torps/2L SUB Kegs are listed here: ; these products have a 0% commission attached to them. -Everything else is commissioned.

Let's build the program together. Hopefully we'll get to cheers on the results soon​!


Voucher codes:

Due to the current covid crisis and the demand for our products we currently do not offer codes. This is subject to future changes.


In order to be connected to the program you are required to have a working website with good performance and a decent amount of traffic, or a proven community on social media. Otherwise, the application will be rejected. If you were declined but still believe that you are eligible to work with the program and can showcase your business model, please contact support or your personal manager.

Due to alcohol restrictions please make sure to use age affirmation. If this is not possible, please use audience verification to prove that 70% of the channel audience is over the LPDA or at least 18+.

If less than 70% (71.6% in the US and 75% in the UK and Ireland) of the audience exposed to our message is above the LDPA, the message should not run. If you can't comply with any of the two different check methods, or are in any doubt, please always consult with support.

Keyword bidding and use policy: You will not purchase or bid for placement of Beerwulf, any variation thereof (including, but not limited to, abbreviations, misspellings, stringing of the name Beerwulf) within any third party search engine or shopping portal including, but not limited to, AOL, Yahoo, MSN, Google, and Ask. Additionally, You will not pay third parties for placement in search engines or shopping portals on the basis of your use of our name. You agree not to engage in any paid advertising that utilizes any keyword or search term that contains a trademark, or brand name of any of our suppliers for the purpose of directing visitors to the Beerwulf site(s) without our prior written consent.

Promotion Codes: You may not utilize any voucher or promotion code on your site that has not been provided to you through the affiliate network. 

Torps banned from commission: No commission will be paid on the sale of the Torps ("Torps" Group category). These are always excluded from commission and cashback. The Torps/2L SUB Kegs are listed here:; these products have a 0% commission attached to them. -Everything else is commissioned.

Last changes were recorded on 19.01.2023

Traffic Sources

PopUp / ClickUnder Forbidden
Mobile traffic Allowed
Content site Allowed
Other Allowed
Affiliate stores and price comparison services Allowed
Forums Allowed
Loyalty programs Allowed
Messengers Allowed
Coupon services Allowed
API traffic Forbidden
YouTube Channel Allowed
Adult Forbidden
Toolbar Forbidden
Incentive Forbidden
Groups and blogs on social Media Allowed
Brand bidding Forbidden
Email Marketing Allowed
Banner and teaser advertising Forbidden
Cashback Allowed
SEM Forbidden

Last changes were recorded on 19.01.2023

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