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Who we are

We are a green start-up that cares about sustainability and the protection of the planet, especially bees.
Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, we develop intelligent systems to monitor bee health and support the beekeeper's valuable work.
Objectives of 3Bee:

Preserve biodiversity and the environment: bees are responsible for the germination of over 80% of plants, fruit and vegetables. The direct and indirect consequences of this activity make bees essential for the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems.
Support local beekeepers through ethical remuneration of their work: local beekeepers receive financial support for the activities, increasing the number of colonies and production of honey, sold directly to the consumer through our platform.
Protection of food safety and promotion of genuine nutrition: thanks to the direct relationship between producer and local consumer, created through our platform, we encourage the purchase and consumption of monitored, genuine, artisanal and 100% natural honey.
Adopt a hive with 3Bee What does it consist of?

Adopt a beehive with 3Bee is a research, development and circular economy program. Thanks to the program it is possible to:

Adopt and protect a hive from a distance even without being a beekeeper,
Follow and monitor h24 and remotely the growth and development of the hive thanks to 3Bee technology that constantly measures its weight, humidity, temperature and sounds,
Taste a unique honey produced from the beehive adopted at the end of the beekeeping season and always respecting the production times of the honey and the beekeeper.
Adopt a hive with 3Bee how does it work?

For adoption, you can choose:

 The beekeeper;
 The hive;
Honey to taste;
The duration of the adoption.
After adoption, you receive:

The personalized adoption certificate;
The credentials to access the 3Bee app to monitor the growth and development of your hive on a daily basis;
The honey produced by the bees adopted at the end of the bee season (always respecting the production times of the bees and the beekeeper).
Find out more on our social profiles:

Sobre nosotros

It is an ecological start-up that is concerned with the sustainability and protection of the planet, especially the abejas.
Gracias to our advanced technology, desarrollamos systems intelligent to control the health of the abejas and apoyar el valioso trabajo del apicultor.

Los objetivos de 3Bee:

Preserving biodiversity and the environment: the abejas are responsible for the germination of more than 80% of the plantas, fruits and vegetables. Las consecuencias directas e indirectas de esta actividad hacen que las abejas sean fundamentales para la conservation de la biodiversidad y los ecosistemas.
Apoyar a los apicultores locales through the remuneración ética de su trabajo: los apicultores locales reciben apoyo financiero para sus actividades, increasing the number of colonies and the producción de miel, which is sold directly to los consumidores a través de nuestra plataforma.
Protection of food security and promotion of a genuine diet: gracias a la relación directa between the productor and the local consumer, created by través de nuestra plataforma, favorecemos the purchase and the consumption of honey controlada, genuine, artesanal and 100% natural.

Apadrina a fill with 3Bee ¿En qué consists?

She owns a fill with 3Bee es un programa de investigación, desarrollo y economía circular. Gracias al programa puedes:

Apadrinar y proteger una colmena a distancia including sin ser apicultor,
Seguir y controlar el crecimiento y el desarrollo de la colmena las 24 hours del día, a distancia, gracias a la tecnología 3Bee que mide constantly on weight, humedad, temperature y sonidos,
Tasting a unique honey produced for the colmena adoptada to the final of the time apícola y siempre respecting the time of production of the apicultor y de la miel.

How does the use of a fill with 3Bee work?

Para la adopción puedes elegir:

 El apicultor;
 The bridging;
The honey to the taste;
The duration of the adoption.
Después de la adopción recibes:

El certificado de adopción personalizado;
Credenciales to access the application 3Bee to control the crecimiento and the desarrollo de su colmena a diary;
La miel producida por las abejas apadrinadas al final de la temporada apícola (siempre respetando los tiempos de producción de las abejas y del apicultor).


In order to be connected to the program you are required to have a working website with good performance and a decent amount of traffic, or a proven community on social media. Otherwise, the application will be declined. If you were declined but think you are eligible to work with the program and can showcase your business model, please contact support or your personal manager. 

Last changes were recorded on 30.01.2023

Traffic Sources

PopUp / ClickUnder Forbidden
Mobile traffic Allowed
Content site Allowed
Other Allowed
Affiliate stores and price comparison services Allowed
Forums Allowed
Loyalty programs Allowed
Messengers Allowed
Coupon services Allowed
Lead call Forbidden
API traffic Needs approval
YouTube Channel Allowed
Adult Forbidden
Toolbar Needs approval
Incentive Forbidden
Groups and blogs on social Media Allowed
Brand bidding Forbidden
Email Marketing Allowed
Banner and teaser advertising Allowed
Cashback Allowed
SEM Forbidden

Last changes were recorded on 14.04.2022

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