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"Dynamic ads" tool shows ads for AliExpress products to the users based on their browsing behavior on and the content of your website so that users see ads for only those products that they are interested in. Such targeting helps to increase the click-through rate of your ad and thus your reward. You can find more information about this tool in Help Center.

For the time being, the program has no banners

The banners are on their way, meanwhile please use other advertisement materials.

Product Feeds

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Here you can get a link to original product feed of this program. Links in product descriptions have been replaced by deeplinks. Time of last updating has also been added.

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In order to start cooperation with the program, first you need to register in the system.

How do we work with our Partners?

Join the Deezer Partner Program
Promote Deezer on your website
Earn revenue from qualifying registrations
Why Deezer?

Deezer puts a whole world of music in your pocket. Create playlists from over 90 million tracks (and more to come), and take them with you wherever you go. Discover new artists with personalized recommendations from Deezer editorials, or listen to your favorite artists. Choose from thousands of podcasts, whether they're new and worth highlighting or just keep you entertained.

Deezer works on all your devices, both online and offline, with no listening limits. You have music at your fingertips as soon as you wake up, to relax and accompany you in your daily life.

Try Deezer Premium for free for 3 months*: Listen to what you want without ads, enjoy unlimited channel surfing and create your own collection of music, podcasts and more in high fidelity audio, or download your music to listen to anywhere where, from your morning jog to your dinner at the restaurant, all thanks to Deezer Premium.

Subscription options

Deezer Free – €0
Deezer Premium – Listen to your music in high fidelity – €10.99/per month
Deezer Family – Listen to your music in high fidelity – €17.99/month for 6 profiles
Deezer Student – ​​Listen to your music in high fidelity – students have access to Deezer Premium for €4.99/month
Program Benefits

Receive a commission for each user signing up for a paid Deezer subscription through your referral link. Your earning potential is huge as online listening services are becoming more and more popular!

Earn €4 for each "TBCC" (Trial By Credit Card or Trial By Credit Card) and direct subscription you generate, both on the web and on the application (i.e. when a user s signed up for a 3-month trial and entered their credit card information so they can be billed starting in the fourth month).
Cookie lifetime of 30 days following a click on the web
Cookies lifetime of 30 days following a click on the application
Professional and personalized assistance
Selection of high-converting advertising media
Approved Affiliate Categories:

Partners offering vouchers/deals
Partners offering cashback/loyalty programs
Partners creating content (including bloggers and influencers)
Partners displaying price comparisons/product searches
Retargeting Partners


In order to be connected to the program you are required to have a working website with good performance and a decent amount of traffic, or a proven community on social media. Otherwise, the application will be declined. If you were declined but think you are eligible to work with the program and can showcase your business model, please drop us an email at so that we can discuss it further.

1. These Terms and Conditions apply to the Affiliate Program of Deezer S.A. (hereafter, "deezer"), French company registered in the Commercial Registry under number 511 716 573 and with registered office at 24 rue de Calais 75009 Paris - FRANCE.

2. Deezer must confirm the publisher’s participation in the deezer Affiliate Program (“confirmed publisher”). Upon confirmation of participation in the deezer Affiliate Programme, the publisher declares their agreement with these Terms and Conditions. Deezer can change these Terms and Conditions or terminate the deezer Affiliate Program at any time.

3. The publisher must have their own website. Pure email registrations shall not be accepted or confirmed.

4. Sites which include content of the following type are not allowed to participate: sites that promote violence, pornography and discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation and/or age.

5. The website of the publisher must contain full legal company information including name, and, if applicable, company, address and contract details (telephone, email), as well as fulfill all other legal requirements related to advertising and telecommunications (including data privacy protection).

6. The website of the publisher is not allowed to publish political content in any way.

7. Deezer may refuse at any time advertisements that promote or solicit illegal acts, or any such types of acts judged to be not positive.

8. The website must adhere to all relevant legal regulations.

9. The website may not convey the impression that they legally represent deezer or that they could give and/or accept legal declarations on behalf of deezer.

10. Any use of deezer belongings, copyrights or any other deezer rights or other third-parties rights licensed by deezer is not permitted without prior written consent from deezer.

11. Deezer brands may not be used either for reference purposes or for any kind of advertising using the contractual relationship to deezer without prior written consent.

12. Advertising the brand via spam emails is explicitly prohibited. When sending newsletters or other advertising emails, the email recipient must have either specifically consented to receiving email from you or they must be an existing customer who bought (or negotiated to buy) a similar product or service from you in the past, and you gave them a simple way to opt out both when you first collected their details and in every message, you have sent since. Under no circumstances may an impression be given that the communication originated from deezer. In addition, the publisher must be clearly identified as the author sending the newsletter or the advertising email and be able to be identified through the “Company details”.

13. Advertising of the brands in or above layer and banner networks as well as through paid-mail, paid-banners and paid-click programs is not permitted.

14. Deezer reserves the right to cancel at any time participation in the deezer Affiliate Programme with a confirmed publisher without giving reasons and/or reserves the right to change or retain commissions in case of suspicious activities which might be connected with misuse or violation of the terms and conditions or fraud.

15. The usage of the brand name by third parties is not permitted. The respective brand owner retains the exclusive right to bid for the brand name. The affiliate is not permitted to bid on the brand name with other combinations in search engine marketing programs (e.g.  “deezer” or any other keyword combinations (e.g.  “deezer free”) as well as any misspellings – also not in any other language.

16. The advertising of the brand for search engine marketing (SEM) or search engine optimisation (SEO) is not permitted.  In particular any use of the brands including variations and misspellings is not permitted for keyword advertising. This applies particularly to the usage as a keyword. The brands shall not be used for adword campaigns via search engines, such as, but not limited to, Google, Yahoo/Overture, Bing, Ask, AOL, Naver, Yandex, Baidu (text advertising, keywords etc.).

17. The usage of brands either in or as part of a domain/subdomain of an affiliate website as well as positioning within advertising text or as a display URL is strictly prohibited. Any infringements shall be prosecuted.

18. In addition, the affiliate shall refrain, to the best of their knowledge and belief, from using additional keywords or keyword combinations if such keywords relate directly to other brand names.

19. The website of the publisher may not include any spyware, adware, malware, viruses or any other harmful content. The usage of any software or proxy-services, which change or manipulate URLs and by this replace affiliate tracking links, is not allowed. Furthermore, any software or proxy-services which replace promotional banners within the viewed site by their own advertisements, is prohibited. 

20. It is not permitted to place tracking links that, in the case of any misspellings, redirect directly to the deezer website or its App. There must be an actual advertisement, using the advertising material made available, visibly placed on the publisher’s website. 

21. Any type of cookie dropping and typosquatting is strictly forbidden.

22. To ensure proper tracking and reporting, the publisher undertakes to only use the links, including the destination URL, as they are provided within the scope of the deezer Affiliate Programme. In addition, the publisher undertakes to not obscure the referrer or to modify it using specific programs.

23. The publisher ensures full transparency in regard to integrating the brands. He/she undertakes to disclose all websites that are to be used to advertise the brands. If this is not the case, deezer reserves the right to exclude the publisher (across all countries) from the Affiliate Programme.

24. In the case where the publisher’s participation in the deezer Affiliate Programme is terminated for whatever reason, the publisher agrees to immediately remove all links to the deezer website or its App and refrain from continuing to use, present or use in any other way deezer content. The publisher is obliged to irrevocably remove all existing content from any area within their control.

25. The publisher exempts deezer from all third-party claims (e.g. from warning letters, claims for damages, liability claims) as well as all costs associated with this, including court and legal representation fees, brought about by the behaviour of the publisher or that arise from an infringement to these Terms and Conditions of Entry. This applies in particular to infringements related to copyright, brand, design, competition, telecommunication and data privacy laws or other third-party rights.

26. Deezer is not liable for disturbances to availability or for downtime of the deezer website or its App caused by any reasons beyond their control.

27. The publisher needs to have its place of business within France.

28. The following categories are also prohibited within the deezer affiliate program: email marketing, native ads,display ads and any post view and pretargeting activities.

Last changes were recorded on 03.05.2022

Traffic Sources

PopUp / ClickUnder Forbidden
Mobile traffic Allowed
Content site Allowed
Other Allowed
Affiliate stores and price comparison services Allowed
Forums Allowed
Loyalty programs Allowed
Messengers Allowed
Coupon services Allowed
Lead call Forbidden
API traffic Needs approval
YouTube Channel Allowed
Adult Forbidden
Toolbar Needs approval
Incentive Forbidden
Groups and blogs on social Media Allowed
Brand bidding Forbidden
Email Marketing Allowed
Banner and teaser advertising Allowed
Cashback Allowed
SEM Forbidden

Last changes were recorded on 03.05.2022

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