AdGuard EN Affiliate Program

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  • EPC 78 ₽
    EPC — average earnings per 100 clicks
  • CR 0.15%
    Conversion rate – the percentage of visits to a publisher’s website that convert to a sale or lead.
  • CR for 48 hours 0.05%
    Average actions-to-clicks ratio for the last 48 hours.
  • Approval rate 98%
    The ratio of confirmed actions to the total number of actions.
  • Cookie lifetime 90 days
    During this period an advertiser allows his cookie to remain active to tie consumer to a program.
  • Avg. hold time 24 days
    Average time it takes for an advertiser to confirm or reject actions.
  • Average payment time 24 days
    Average time it takes for an advertiser to confirm and pay for actions.

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"Dynamic ads" tool shows ads for AliExpress products to the users based on their browsing behavior on and the content of your website so that users see ads for only those products that they are interested in. Such targeting helps to increase the click-through rate of your ad and thus your reward. You can find more information about this tool in Help Center.

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Why Admitad?

  • detail analytics and useful tools,
  • express payments,
  • enormous range of affiliate programs,
  • trusted by 654643 publishers,
  • and much more.

This affiliate program is a part of the Admitad affiliate network

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Ad blocker

AdGuard will help you get rid of ads and other annoyances, protect your personal data, and prevent you from visiting phishing and malicious websites.


What advantages it offers:

  1. Blocks ads and trackers
  2. ​​Blocks annoying elements (cookie notices, signup forms, online consultants, etc.)
  3. Hides frames and empty spaces left after blocking
  4. Saves traffic and speeds up page loading
  5. Works both in browsers and apps
  6. Tech support


Best traffic type: content-based sites with product reviews


Target audience: 70% men, 30% women; the prevalent age group is between age 25–34


Negative keywords: adguard, ad guard, adguardvpn, adguarddns



Most desirable countries for getting traffic to our website: USA, Japan, Russia, Germany, Korea, UK, Taiwan, China, France, Australia, Netherlands, Canada, Italy, Ukraine, Switzerland


Second priority: Vietnam, Hong Kong, Indonesia


Blacklist: India, Turkey




AdGuard VPN is a top-notch tool to protect your online privacy and security.


What advantages it offers:

  1. 50+ locations worldwide
  2. Proprietary VPN protocol
  3. Strong encryption
  4. Strict no-log policy


Best traffic type: content-based sites with product reviews


Target audience: 73% men, 27% women; the prevalent group is age 25–34


Negative keywords: adguard, ad guard, adguardvpn, adguarddns


Most desirable countries for getting traffic to our website: USA, Netherlands, Russia, Korea, China, England, Japan, Turkey, Canada, Germany, France


Second priority: Vietnam, Hong Kong, Australia, Indonesia


Blacklist: India





Sincerely, Affiliate Program AdGuard!


Negative keywords: adguard, ad guard, adguardvpn, adguarddns

General rules
● Any type of fraud: brand bidding (indirect and/or direct), cookie
stuffing, as well as using malware, browser extensions and
toolbars to attract traffic or update a user's affiliate cookie;
● Any spam activities: text messaging, mailing, phone calls;
● Click-under and Pop-up placements and any auto-redirect,
intrusive advertising: pop-ups or non-closing pop-ups, etc.;
● Any kind of motivated traffic and lead calls;
● Emails and any other communication on behalf of AdGuard or
AdGuard VPN;
● Websites that copy or pose as an official AdGuard or AdGuard VPN
● Creating an AdGuard account on behalf of non-consenting users;
● Any form of advertising that mentions the AdGuard and AdGuard VPN
trademarks (see the program description for a full list of banned
● Use of AdGuard staff images in ads;
● Automatic transition to the advertiser's site in a minimized
● Automatic opening of an additional browser window after going to
the advertiser's site;
● Creating social media and messenger groups on behalf of AdGuard
or AdGuard VPN, and using the AdGuard or AdGuard VPN branding in
the group name. Using the AdGuard or AdGuard VPN logo, branding,
and colors (anything that could mislead the user into thinking
it's an official group);
● Taking part in any activity that may harm AdGuard and AdGuard VPN
in any way;
● Any activity that directly or indirectly violates the EU law;
● Motivating users to make refunds for purchases made.
If these violations are detected, the webmaster will be blocked and
all of their actions will be rejected.
Possible reasons for the rejection of actions during verification:
● A webmaster is noticed in any violations from the list above;
● A webmaster used prohibited types of traffic;
● A webmaster has launched a campaign without having previously
agreed on his traffic sources and promotion methods.
Comments on types of traffic:
● Contextual advertising — brand bidding is forbidden. If a
violation is detected, a partner will be rejected from working
with the program without the possibility of returning to
cooperation. Disconnection occurs at the first detection of the
problem with zeroing of all payments.
● Email and messengers — this type of traffic can be launched by
agreement. It will be necessary to coordinate the email mockup,
as well as the source of the email and other addresses where the
newsletter will be sent. Spam is strictly prohibited.
● Coupon traffic is allowed, but its source must be approved. It is
also forbidden to post invalid coupons and promo codes or to
mislead users with false offers and promotions. The advertiser
will be able to provide coupons and promo codes, including named
coupons and those with special discount conditions.
At the first violation of the rules of the program, all orders will be
rejected, and the partner will be disconnected!



Last changes were recorded on 08.08.2022

Traffic Sources

Mobile traffic Allowed
Targeted ads Needs approval
Facebook Needs approval
VK Needs approval
MyTarget Needs approval
Other Needs approval
TikTok Needs approval
Content site Allowed
Other Allowed
Affiliate stores and price comparison services Allowed
Forums Allowed
Loyalty programs Allowed
Messengers Needs approval
Coupon services Allowed
Groups and blogs on social Media Allowed
Email Marketing Needs approval
Banner and teaser advertising Needs approval
Cashback Allowed
SEM Allowed
Yandex.Direct Allowed
Google Ads Allowed

Last changes were recorded on 14.10.2022

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