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Admitad — CPA сеть с более чем 2  600 рекламодателями. Максимальный доход вчера составил 36 529$

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Monetization tools

Affiliate links.

Put links to advertisers on your spaces. You'll make money for every user who follows a link and places an order.


Makes it easy to create a link to any page on an advertiser's website. Send visitors right to the page where you want them to go.


A catalogue with promo codes and discounts from dozens of companies. Help users save on purchases and services — and earn money while you're at it.

Product feed.

Import the cards of products from any online store to your space and receive a commission on sales.

What is Admitad?


Earn large amounts of money with Admitad using our great offers, high conversion rate, and attractive advertiser deals.


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The affiliate network Admitad began working in the Russia/CIS market in 2010. Today it is an international company with divisions in Europe and Asia.


We asked publishers working with Admitad to share their experience.

  • Shivam Sharma

    Shivam Sharma

    “Admitad is a very good network for quality publishing, we are working from last 2 years with the Admitad, our experience is amazing here, Tracking Reports on time, payments are very much on time, the people's working here always Ready to help you anytime, Special thanks to Gaurav, Rakshit and Stephen and all the people who working here directly or indirectly.” 

  • Lancelot Dsouza

    Lancelot Dsouza

    The Admitad team with their experience, knowledge, support, and enterprises have emerged as an invaluable partner for CouponDunia, is the key factor in their success. Their presence is ever expanding and includes plenty of notable Advertisers which in turn strengthens our commitment towards providing quality services to our users. Our co-operation with Admitad is based on two core values: responsiveness & speed.

  • Sahil Gupta

    Sahil Gupta

    Admitad India has been a great source of support in the overall growth and success behind zoutons. The easy panel and trained managers helped us with analysis of each campaign, optimize them to reach and improving the monetization capacity of our product.