Партнерская программа Lineage 2 Essence [CPP Innova] Many GEOs

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  • EPC 2€
    EPC — средний заработок сo 100 переходов
  • CR 3.03%
    CR — конверсия, отношение действий к переходам
  • CR за 48 часов 1.49%
    Среднее отношение действий к переходам за последние 48 часов.
  • Подтверждается 96%
    Процент подтвержденных действий от общего кол-ва действий.
  • PostClick cookie 30 дней
    Время, на которое пользователь будет привязан к программе после перехода по баннеру.
  • Средн. обработка 42 дня
    Среднее время, за которое рекламодатель подтверждает или отклоняет действия.
  • Среднее время оплаты 42 дня
    Среднее время, за которое рекламодатель подтверждает и оплачивает действия.

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Почему Admitad:

  • подробная статистика и полезные инструменты,
  • экспресс-выплаты без комиссии,
  • многообразие партнёрских программ,
  • доверие 919890 веб-мастеров,
  • ещё многое-многое другое.

Эта партнерская программа является частью сети Admitad

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Already played Lineage 2, but something went wrong? New servers are a great chance to start your story from scratch! You can choose from 6 familiar races or join the newcomers with guns — Sylphs!


  • Comfortable setting for leveling up
  • Classes self-dependence for playing solo
  • Dimensional zones for PvP and monster hunting
  • New unique classes and race


Freedom of Choice - Play any class you like even without a party: every character has their own renewed buffs! Even healers have powerful attack skills and can level up on par with others.

Easy Leveling-up
Level up easily with XP boosters and the Magic Lamp bonus. Also, a special auto-hunting system is available. If you turn it on, your character will kill monsters, pick up loot and use HP potions autonomously.

Dimensional Battles - Show your skills in the dimensional 3 vs 3 Olympiad or fight for rare materials in special instance zones against the most ambitious players from other servers!

More Races and Classes - Try something new! Only in Essence a unique Death Knight class is available. Also, there is a new race of Sylphs equipped with firearms.

Regular Updates - The latest update is the Frost Lord's Castle. Emerge victorious against new bosses and get all 13 types of unique frozen weapons.


This update further expands available cross-server content for which the Essence version has already been famous for.

Prepare for the first-ever dimensional siege - battle for Aden!

Aden Castle World Siege - the first-ever dimensional siege will take place once in two weeks, on Sundays. Players can join the siege along with their clan members or independently, as mercenaries. A clan that gains the most points for capturing objects and killing enemies is announced the winner. Aden Castle is one of the most beautiful and majestic buildings in the game. L2 fans will certainly recognize its distinctive vaults, passages and gates.

Steel Citadel and Epic Boss Beleth - Steel Citadel, a new 11-tiered instance zone, has appeared in Hellbound, one of the largest cross-server locations. Players who reach the last floor are to fight the boss monster Darion. He guards the entrance to the chambers of a new epic boss - Demon King Beleth. You can go there on Saturdays at 9 p.m. (server time).

Knights Rebalance - Each of the four Knight classes gains new 4-star skills.

Rogues Rebalance - Each of the three dagger-using classes gains new skills that will make assassins even deadlier than they have been before.

New Location - Giant's Cave - The new hunting ground is recommended for players of Lv. 85 and higher. Solo hunters will be able to compete for two new Purge weapons, and the strongest clans will gain access to the Cave's control device that will grant their members a buff for bonus XP and SP. 

Fight with Epic Boss Antharas - The special event will take place every Saturday from 10 p.m. till 12 p.m. At that time the Dimensional Vortex will appear at the entrance to Antharas' Lair. It will move all those willing to fight the great Earth Dragon to its location. The raid is available to players of Lv. 85 and higher.

Tattoos - From now on tattoos that boost characters' stats will become more complex and multilevel. They will also grant more bonuses.

Class change coupon - Haven’t played as a knight or an assassin, but would love to give it a try? Buy a coupon and try any class you like. You keep your character’s level and nickname while the race changes correspondingly. To celebrate the update, we made this feature available for all players. Take a chance to begin your new story full of great exploits. The promotion ends on November 10.

Check out main promotional video here! And also additional videos here, here and here!

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Best regards, admitad afilliate team!

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