Партнерская программа CoolStays UK

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  • EPC
    EPC — средний заработок сo 100 переходов
  • CR 1.95%
    CR — конверсия, отношение действий к переходам
  • CR за 48 часов 2.14%
    Среднее отношение действий к переходам за последние 48 часов.
  • Подтверждается 100%
    Процент подтвержденных действий от общего кол-ва действий.
  • PostClick cookie 30 дней
    Время, на которое пользователь будет привязан к программе после перехода по баннеру.
  • Средн. обработка 16 дней
    Среднее время, за которое рекламодатель подтверждает или отклоняет действия.
  • Среднее время оплаты 64 дня
    Среднее время, за которое рекламодатель подтверждает и оплачивает действия.

Баннеры программы

Стандартная ссылка программы

Dynamic ads показывает пользователям рекламные объявления с товарами AliExpress, основываясь на их поведении на AliExpress.com и контенте вашего сайта. Таким образом, пользователь видит объявления только с теми товарами, которые ему интересны. Такое таргетирование помогает увеличить кликабельность вашей рекламы и, соответственно, ваше вознаграждение. Более подробную информацию об этом инструменте можно найти в Центре помощи.

В программе пока нет баннеров

Баннеры в пути, а пока воспользуйтесь другими рекламными материалами.


Внимание! Чтобы получить возможность загрузить каталог товаров, начните сотрудничать с данным рекламодателем.

На данной странице вы можете осуществить выгрузку оригинального каталога товаров рекламодателя. Ссылки в товарах заменены на deeplink, также добавлено время последнего изменения товара.

Доступно товаров:    Обновлено:    Обновлено рекламодателем:

Информация о программе

Почему Admitad:

  • подробная статистика и полезные инструменты,
  • экспресс-выплаты,
  • многообразие партнерских программ,
  • доверие 720154 веб-мастеров,
  • еще многое-многое другое.

Эта партнерская программа является частью сети Admitad

Чтобы начать сотрудничать с программой и зарабатывать, сначала нужно зарегистрироваться в системе.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not work with voucher / coupon / discount code or cashback sites at this time.

About CoolStays

CoolStays.com showcases unique and unusual places to stay across the UK, Europe and worldwide.
Tired of the difficult search for that perfect stay, we have made it our mission to find you that special place with a difference. 
We now have a growing portfolio of over 1100 hand-picked, extraordinary places to stay. Each offering something truly quirky, noteworthy or stylish.
Accommodation includes glamping options such as gypsy caravans, shepherds huts, tipis, yurts, tents and cabins; luxury tree houses and cave houses; cool conversions such as planes, trains, boats, buses, churches, windmills, lighthouses and deluxe beach huts; as well as the coolest quintessential cottages, villas, B&Bs and boutique hotels.. 
If you want to escape the mass market, get off the beaten track or find just somewhere beautifully chic or unique then look no further. CoolStays is the definitive collection of amazing places to stay.

Why Work With Us

  • ALL the properties we list are have a WOW factor and get high engagement rates when shared on social media 
  • We focus on high quality imagery - stunning photography to grab user attention
  • We pay our publishers £0,95 for each new user who registers for a webuser account with us on the site.
  • Visitors must register to be able to view special offers on the site
  • 14 day auto-validation for a quick payment 
  • Fully mobile responsive site and fully operational mobile tracking
  • Dedicated affiliate managment in-house by the CoolStays team - affiliates@coolstays.com

Bespoke Promotions

We’d love to work with you on a bespoke campaign. Just get in touch to discuss your plans. We’re always up for trying new promotions, and can provide content, imagery, linking advice and suggestions from our experience. 


Please see the Terms for our programme rules. We do not allow:

  • Use of banner / video / pop up display networks
  • PPC direct linking / brand bidding
  • Promotion on coupon / discount code or cashback sites at this time.
  • Software integrations & toolbars, without express permission

Общие правила

In order to be connected to the program, you are required to have a working website with good performance and a decent amount of traffic, or a proven community on the social media. Otherwise, the application will be rejected.
If you were declined but still believe that you are eligible to work with the program and can showcase your business model, please drop us an email at d.bogdanovych@admitad.com so that we can discuss it further.


Please note – this programme operates with a 7 day closure notice period.

All queries regarding these Terms & Conditions should be sent to affiliates@coolstays.com.

We only accept publishers from certain industries. If your profile does not make clear the way in which you will advertise our properties then we may ask you to do so before accepting you on to our programme. 

Should affiliate activity be identified that’s in breach of these T&Cs, the affiliate will immediately be contacted and given 24 hours to respond. Commissions resulting from non-compliant activity will be declined, and after the response period that affiliate may be suspended from the programme.

We do not work with ANY voucher code / coupon cashback or loyalty websites. If we suspect that advertising has taken place through any of these methods then we reserve the right to decline commissions or suspend publishers.

From time to time we may ask publishers to evidence where they are getting their traffic and transactions from. Failure to be able to do so may lead to declined payments or suspension from our programme. 

We require all affiliate traffic to be trackable through Admitad. The use of re-directing traffic is not permitted. 

Affiliates are not permitted to list offers and promotions that are unavailable on our site, or list our properties at a lower price in any instance without prior permission from us. 

Affiliates are not permitted to use creative that has not been approved by us and is not available in the Affiliate interface. 
From time to time we may ask affiliates to update their creative, failure to do so may result in declined transactions or suspension from our programme.

Affiliates are permitted to use property images from property pages on Coolstays.com. Appropriate image credit must be stated wherever the image is published in the following format "Image credit: Coolstays.com". 
Where you see a photographer specifically credited on an image you choose to use from our site you must also credit that photographer in the same format you see on our site. If in doubt please contact us.

While we do permit email marketing for our affiliates, any email database that has been created through 'spam' tactics will not be permitted and will result in the immediate suspension of the publisher. 

Direct linking to Coolstays.com from search engines is not permitted.
Publishers are not permitted to bid on any brand, brand+generic or misspellings variations of the Coolstays brand.

Affiliates are not permitted to appear to represent Coolstays on social media, in any way that may be considered confusing or misleading to the consumer. 
Affiliates are not permitted to run paid social campaigns that link directly to Coolstays without express written permission.

Technology affiliates will be reviewed case-by-case and should contact affiliates@coolstays.com before applying to the programme.
Affiliates using software downloads that are not expressly authorised by the user are not permitted.
Affiliates using toolbars, either as their primary method of promotion or as a supplement to a wider site, must seek approval.

Последние изменения были зафиксированы 07.12.2021

Виды трафика

PopUp / ClickUnder Нельзя
Программы лояльности Нельзя
Мессенджеры Можно
Купонные сервисы Нельзя
Lead call По согласованию
Брокерский трафик По согласованию
YouTube-канал Можно
Adult-трафик Нельзя
Toolbar По согласованию
Мотивированный трафик По согласованию
Группы и блоги в социальных сетях Можно
Контекстная реклама на бренд Нельзя
Email-рассылка Можно
Тизерная и баннерная реклама Можно
Cashback Нельзя
Контекстная реклама Можно

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